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Eric C. Shattuck

Biological anthropologist working to understand what people do when they get sick and why. Seemingly simple questions that touch on evolution, immunology, endocrinology, culture, and public health.


Department of Anthropology, Florida State University

Native American and Indigenous Studies Center, Florida State University

Institute for Health Disparities Research, University of Texas at San Antonio

Currently Recruiting Students!

I'm actively recruiting students for admission into FSU's Anthropology Master's Program. If you're interested in health and health disparities, infectious disease, immune function, endocrinology, or Indigenous health, please click below to learn more about the program.

Latest Publication

Investigating the linkages between food insecurity, psychological distress, and poor sleep outcomes among US college students

This study demonstrates that potential linkages exist between childhood food insecurity, poor sleep, and greater psychological distress. While acknowledging the contribution of other factors, the study highlights the importance of addressing food insecurity in relation to sleep health, considering the significant impact of sleep to overall health and wellbeing.

Eric C. Shattuck

Department of Anthropology

Florida State University

909 Antarctic Way, Tallahassee FL 32304

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