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Broadly speaking, my work explores the intersections between our brains and our bodies. These are two-way roads; our mental state can affect our physical health and infection and inflammation can affect our behavior and emotions. Because of this, it's no surprise that these connections are highly important for our health and well-being. 

Brain/body connections are relevant to a number of different behaviors, states, and physiological processes, including sleep, pain, and sickness behavior -- a set of changes in mood and behavior during infection found in humans and a wide variety of other animals. 

Because humans are highly social creatures with complex and varied cultures -- and because culture can affect both our biology and the way that we interpret physical and emotional sensations -- I use an anthropological framework that focuses on human biological and cultural variation. I also use insights and methods from several complementary fields, including psychoneuroimmunology and behavioral endocrinology, in my research.

Published Papers

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