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Courses Taught and Designed


Indigenous Health Field School, Guadalajara MX

This field school builds on my collaborative work with the Wixárika community in Guadalajara and the Centro Universitario de Ciencias de Salud (CUCS) at the Universidad de Guadalajara. Students learn about quantitative and qualitative methods, Indigenous health in Mexico and beyond, and the history and culture of Guadalajara while working on an impactful research project! Click here to learn more.

One Health: Human, Animal, and Environmental Health in the Anthropocene

This course provides a detailed overview of the history, utility, application, and future of the One Health paradigm. One Health describes the interconnections of human, wildlife, domestic animal, and ecosystem health and takes an inclusive approach to the study of broad determinants and indicators of health across species and biomes.


Global Health Disparities

This class explores crucial questions about health, well-being, medicine, environment, gender, race, and social inequality in the twenty-first century. We will 1) cover basic principles in medical anthropology and public health to provide a common grounding; 2) survey the state of health disparities across the globe related to both communicable and non-communicable diseases; and 3) cover Indigenous health and health disparities with a particular focus on medical pluralism, or multiple overlapping medical/healthcare systems and understandings of disease causation and treatment.

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